Sunday June 24, 2018

Asind Tehsil | Tehsil in Bhilwara

Asind is a Tehsil and Sub Division of Bhilwara District in Rajasthan State. Head Quarter of Asind Tehsil is Asind town. Asind is 61 KM from Bhilwara District and 231 KM from Jaipur. Adjacent tehsils of Asind are Hurda,Mandal and Beawar. Elevation of Asind Tehsil is 435 Meter above Sea Level. Hindi and Rajasthani are Local languages speaks by Asind Peoples. Most of Gurjar caste people lives in Asind. Temperature of   asind varies from 27 Degree to 45 Degree in Summer and 16 degree to 36 degree in Winter.  There is no Railway Station in Asind.  Ajmer and Bhilwara Railway station are nearest Railway Stations.