Monday August 20, 2018

Bhilwara Rivers

Bhilwara is very poor in situation of waters. There are only few rivers which only flows in Rainy season . Bhilwara Rivers which are popular are Banas, Berach, Kothari, Kahri etc.


Banas RiverBanas is only one main seasonal river in the District it’s tributories are Bedach, Kothari & Khari. Other rivers are Mansi, Menali, Chandrabhaga and Nagri. There is not any natural lake in the district but on the other hand there are number of ponds and dams so the district is the most irrigated through the ponds in the state of Rajasthan.It rises in the Arravali hills in the North in the Udaipur district.The river Banas enters Bhilwara near village Doodiya tehsil Bhilwara.It approaches the hills of Mandalgarh and is joined by the river berach on the right bank and Kothari on the left at Nandrai in Kotri tehsil. It then flows towards the North and then North-East direction along the western side of the Jahazpur tehsil and enters Tonk district. Banas is not a perennial river. In summer it usually contains only pools of water. The chief feeders of the river are Mansi, Khari and Menali


The Berach river rises in the hills to the North of Udaipur and enters the district near the village Barundani and joins the river Banas near Bigod at Triveni Sangam in Mandalgarh tehsil. It passes through a little portaion of Bhilwara district.


The Kothari River originates in the eastern slopes of the Aravalli range and flows through the Bhilwara and the Rajsamand district for a distance of about 51 kilometers all through a hilly region and then in the plains for a distance of about 100 km in Rajasthan and then finally merges with the Banas River.The river rises from the Aravali hills near Devgarh in the Rajsamand district. It flows in tehsil Raipur , Mandal , Bhilwara and Kotri and ultimately joins the river Banas at Nandrai in Kotri tehsil.


It originates near Devgarh in the Rajsamand district and runs from the South to the North-East in the western half of the district and then runs parallel to the districts boundaries in the North. After leaving the district in the North it finally merges with the Banas. It is joined by the Mansi river in the tehsil Shahpura.


The Menali River flows through the Bhilwara district. The river Menali is a seasonal river and water is present in the river in the months of July to October. The Bedach River, in another river, that flows through the district of Bhilwara. The River Khari that flows through the Bhilwara district originates in the Deogarh hills of the Rajsamand district. The Khari River merges with the Banas River.


The Mansi River also passes through the Bhilwara district and it is a tributary of the River Khari

Others Rivers

Some small rivers are Chandrabhaga, Nagdi & Mejh